Wednesday’s NOON CX Practice will be at FLC Softball Complex Playground

This Wednesday’s 12noon CX Practice will be at FLC Softball Complex Playground!

I just met with the powers that be and we came up with a plan so we can run CX Practices around the softball field, playground, practice field areas. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity for CX practice so please abide by the below. There are some caveats though:
Please do not cut corners onto practice fields – if you see a line, that is the border of the course.
Only ride the course that has been laid out.
Stay off top of ridge next to football practice field (stay on the sidehill or just below it)
I have attached a map for the practice – we’ll probably just run the same course backwards next week. It’ll be marked with yellow flags for left turns and orange flags for right turns. There may be some small differences, but you get the general idea.
See you all tomorrow at 12noon at the Softball complex.