DWC New Style Clothing Inventory

All Items are in NEW condition. 

Please note: We no longer stock clothing items other than hats. Opportunities to buy custom DWC clothing directly through Voler will be announced throughout the year. 
In-stock items: (UPDATED 5/24/2016)

Cycling Cap — one size — $25  in stock: 20+ ONE SIZE FITS MOST
Aero Shoe covers — $35  in stock: MED, LARGE
Thermal Booties — $45 in stock: LARGE
Arm Warmers — $35 in stock: LARGE
Short Finger Gloves — $30 in stock: MED

Men’s Long Sleeve Jersey – Genesis fabric (summer weight) — $92 Men’s: LARGE

FS Pro Shorts — Comp HP Pad – $100  Women’s: SMALL  SALE  $70

LS Time Trial Speedsuit —ultralight/aero fabric — TT pad — $175  Men’s: MED, LARGE  SALE $125