Subjects STILL Needed for FREE Test at Durango Peformance Center for FLC Study!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get a professional lactate threshold test (power, HR), body fat percentage and metabolic analysis for FREE! Usually something like this would cost $300+. Read on for all the info!

Durango Performance Center is currently looking for eligible subjects to participate in the validation study of a new exercise monitoring technology called InfraSonic Monitoring (ISM). ISM is a heart rate chest strap like device that measures heart stroke volume and cardiac output while cycling, which can potentially provide valuable information for active people and competitive athletes to monitor their endurance conditioning.

Only one lab visit of up to two hours is needed and will consist of resting measurements (height, weight, body fat, blood pressure etc) and an exercise test on the stationary bicycle (typical lactate threshold protocol with 3 minute increments to maximal effort). After completing the test you will receive a fitness performance report that will include suggested heart rate and power training zones by lactate threshold, body fat percentage, metabolic analysis (fat/carb utilization) and more. Testing and report are free of charge and provided as a benefit of volunteering in this research which is governed by Fort Lewis College Institutional Review Board.

Testing has begun this week and will continue until the end of February. Testing slots are filling up, so in order to get more details and reserve your testing appointment please contact Rotem Ishay at (970) 946-9642 or via email [email protected].

ISM Research Flyer