TONIGHT: 2015 FLC Roadkill Time Trial Series Finale!

TONIGHT: Dead Elk TT  4/15/15  5:30pm  Trimble Crossing

The FLC Cycling dead animal series of Time Trials continues every Wednesday from now until 4/15. After that the DWC TT Series will begin on Thursday 4/23 with the Gila Mega TT.

The Dead Elk TT meets at Trimble Crossing starting at 5:30pm

Dead Elk Route – 22K loop, park in Ace Hardware lot lot, start at back of Ace hardware, west on Trimble Ln., right on HWY550 north, right on CR250 (NO SHALONA), keep right over Baker’s Bridge, right on Trimble Ln. (CR252), finish at start.

Collegiates will be working on Team Time Trials at many of the events – community riders also feel free to put TTT teams together – it’s a blast!

FREE TO ALL!! But gifts to FLC Cycling are greatly appreciated, easy to do online: and type in “Cycling Club Fund”

Dead Squirrel
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Dead Elk
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4/15/15 5:30pm Trimble Crossing

For more info contact Dave Hagen: [email protected]