2015 DWC Championship Series INFO

The 2015 DWC Championship Series is a season long 8 event points series of time trials and road races. The DWC Championship series is free for all 2015 DWC Members!

Final Two Events:

Saturday 9/19 9:30 am — Coal Bank Pass RR*

Sunday 9/20 9:30 am — La Posta 15 mi Road TT*


DWC Champs Series Schedule:
4/23  —  GilaMEGA TT   RESULTS
5/28  —  Coal Bank Pass HTT   RESULTS
6/4  —  La Posta 20/40K TT**  RESULTS
7/9  —  Gravel Grinder TT    RESULTS
8/30 — North Valley Loops RR   RESULTS
9/19 — (Saturday 9:45 AM) — Coal Bank Pass RR
9/20 — (Sunday 9:45 AM) — DWCC Road TT

Overall Standings and Results:  RESULTS (updated and corrected)

•For each event you will be given a score based on the number of people you placed ahead of, plus 3 points for the TT’s and 7 points for the road races.
•The top three finishers, male and female regardless of age, will receive a 1 point podium bonus.
•There will be a 1 point bonus for Merckx TT riders (for flat TT’s) and for MTB single speed riders.
•Men and women will be scored separately.
•All the events you do will count towards your overall score for the season.

Example: If 12 men participate in the GilaMega TT the top finisher would receive 15 points and last place would get 3 points. (11 points for beating 11 others + 1 point podium bonus + 3 points for TT = 15 points)

**All 40K finishers will place above the 20K finishers. I.E. the last place 40K finisher will be scored as if he/she finished in front of all the 20K riders.

Age Categories for Men and Women:
U 20

Notes regarding Age Categories: As with past years, final age categories for awards will be decided according to participation with a 5 person minimum to qualify for a category (5 different people have to participate at some point during the series). Age categories with less than 5 participants for the season will be combined with the next younger age category for prizes. i.e if 5 women who are 60-70 compete at some point during the series, there will be awards given to the Women’s 60-70 age group.

Prizes: We will award prizes for the top 5 overall and top three in each qualifying category (5 or more people for the season). Prizes are TBD (If you have something good to donate – please send Spencer an email)!

IMPORTANT: Our top priority is having a safe series. Please keep this in mind at all times! The races will be held on open roads and all traffic rules and regulations will be in effect. All riders must obey all traffic signs and yield to traffic. All riders must ride in a neutral manner through intersections. Anyone taking unnecessary risks will be disqualified. These races are not sanctioned by anyone and are being run by volunteers!

The 2015 DWC Champs Series is FREE for all current members of the DWC!

Questions or Comments? Please use the contact link on the DWC website.