Public MTB Trail Meeting TONIGHT!

Krista Park has done a lot of great work to help educate the City about the need for our trails to be upgraded. Now she need support from the public (You) to get the City to act! Please consider attending the public trail meeting TONIGHT (5/7) at the Rec Center, 5:30pm. 

“I think the City of Durango may finally be ready to listen and realize that our trails are all old-school, that we haven’t done anything to advance with the bike designs and ride styles as other towns have done. If you can spread the word to any interested folks I would really appreciate it!!

See the 2 attachments I put together describing the trails we have been asking for and explaining why Kitty Charmer is a great teaching trail. I spent all weekend in Sedona coaching a skills clinic, it is amazing what skills can be picked up in a very short amount of time given the proper terrain and instruction.” – Krista

Getting Durango up to speed trail-wise._001

Getting Durango up to speed trail-wise._002