July 9 — DWC Champs Series #4: Gravel TT

Weather note: We expect to run this event rain or shine! As of 11:30 AM there is a 60% chance of rain this evening. Be prepared! 

IMPORTANT: The Gravel TT has been shortened to 14.3 mi with 1,450′ of climbing. We are starting at the same point, but the turnaround and finish are different. The course is now safer and fast riders should be able to finish this new route in under an hour. Please see the changes below. -Spencer

Please RSVP! https://durangowheelclub.com/contact/
(It’s easier to take you off the start list if you are not there than to add you if you were not on the list prior to the event.)

Meet: @ 5:45 PM so we can start by 6PM
The start is near the intersection of CR 240 / CR 245, about 8 miles past the stoplight on CR 240 / CR 250. There are many places to park in this area if you are driving to the start/finish.

Rain: Barring any truly extreme conditions, we expect to run this event rain or shine.

NEW Course Description:
The start is the same, but the finish is about .9 miles from the start, eliminating the final DH form the original TT. The turnaround is at the top of 502 and will be marked. The route is on unpaved County Roads (CR 245, CR 502, CR 245). These are well maintained county roads with a dirt/gravel surface. Road surface conditions will vary depending on both the current and recent weather and traffic. Expect some loose gravel. There is substantial climbing AND descending.

Bike: Although the course could probably be ridden on a road bike, a cyclocross bike or mtb XC racer might be a better choice. If you have concerns, inspect the course and make your choice!

Route Notes:
Start at bridge on CR 245
4.1 mi sharp right onto CR 502
7.6 mi turnaround at top of climb on CR 502
11.3 mi sharp left onto CR 245
14.3 finish before steep DH .4 miles past top of final climb on CR 245

Total Distance =~14.3 miles
Total Climbing =~1450 feet

NEW Map on Strava: https://www.strava.com/routes/2740460

NEW Map on MapMyRide: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/770378059

Questions? Please send Spencer an email: https://durangowheelclub.com/contact/