Sunday Mini Raffle Winners!

The Winners of the Sunday mini-raffle are:

Mitch Carrier – 30 serving bag of Tailwind Endurance Fuel
Andre’Paul Michaud – Tailwind water bottle
Hal McLean – DWC Socks

Please contact Spencer to pick-up your prizes!

Note: The method for randomly picking the winners went like this: There were 20 eligible winners: 18 of the 19 participants in Sunday’s Road Race (I took myself out of the raffle) plus the two volunteers; Ken and Tom. All the participants were given the number from their placing in the road race. Ken was given #12 (My place in the RR) Tom was given #20. Then I went to RANDOM.ORG and created a random number generator from 1 – 20. I generated three numbers 5, 10 & 1 (since this seemed non-random/suspicious I generated 10 more numbers and soon saw that the generator was working). The prize order was simply the order I announced the prizes. So, #5 got the Tailwind Energy Fuel, #1 got the water bottle, and #10 got the socks. -Spencer