DWC Champs Coal Bank Pass RR INFO

DWC Champs Coal Bank Pass RR
Meeting Time: Saturday, September 19 @ 9:45 AM
Start Time: 10 AM Sharp!
Meeting Place: Trimble Crossing (same start as Dead Elk TT on Trimble Lane -behind the commercial spaces)
Parking: Use PJ’s Market parking if you need to drive to the start

The vehicle (Ken’s Dark Green Suburban) with the drop boxes (for depositing anything you want to have at the finish but don’t want to carry while racing) will be somewhere in or near the SW corner of the front lot at check-in time. Please RSVP beforehand AND check in on race day.

Route: 28.75 miles -Trimble Ln, CR 250 N (Old Shalona), US 550 N to Coal Bank Pass finish
Sprint: on CR 250,  3 omnium points for top male & female!

The SPRINT point is 6.6 miles from the start at the north end of the second and shorter straight before Celadon and Baker’s Bridge
At this 20mph sign! (that you have probably passed a zillion or so times)
Aerial view:
Celadon/Baker’s Bridge Area

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