DWC Champs La Posta Road TT INFO

Please RSVP! It is easy to remove you from the roster if you no-show, not easy to add you at the time of event! https://durangowheelclub.com/contact/

DWC Championships Road TT- La Posta

Start @River Road Bridge (Behind Home Depot) Turnaround @ MM3, Finish @ Weaselskin Bridge

It’s essentially three 5-mile sections – just over 15 miles total.

(1) From Start to Weaselskin, (right turn)
(2) From Weaselskin South to MM3, (turnaround)
(3) From MM3 North Weaselskin.

There is  a 1 point Omnium bonus for riders competing “Merckx” style –
That means a standard road bike with NO aero equipment – no clip-ons, disk wheels, aero helmet, etc.

Helmets are required. No hairnets, bare heads or cycling caps, even for Merckx, even if you share initials with Tommy Simpson (RIP).

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