Martha, Walt, Bags & Hal compete at US Masters National Champs!

Four DWC members raced the US Masters National Championships in Ogden Utah Sept. 9-12. The ITT was held on Antelope Island State Park. The road race at Snowbasin Ski Area, and the criterium in downtown Ogden.

DWC master age group results: Martha Iverson 2nd in the TT and 2nd in the road race. Walt Axthelm 1st in the TT, 2nd in the road race, and 2nd in the crit. Hal McLean was 20th in the road race. Richard Bagienski 9th in the TT and 18th in the road race.

The 20K TT course was challenging with a short 11% climb and a one mile 6-7% climb. The concern was that the buffalo and antelope in the fields would not cross the road in front of you.

The road course started with a four mile 50mph downhill, a breezy 30 miles of rollers, and a seven mile climb back to the ski area. The rolling enclosure provided by Utah state police, county sheriff, and Ogden police was the best. The entire road, shoulder to shoulder, was closed with no yellow line rule. Racers commented it was like le Tour.

The crit course had eight corners and a block long uphill through two tight streets and then opened up for the rest of the course. Next year’s nationals are in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Martha nats 2015 start 60  W race email
Martha at start of RR. She’s on the right in her brightly colored DNA jersey.