DWC Group Ride: Nighthorse – CR 125 – Mayday – Breen Loop

Meeting Place: Santa Rita Park
Route: US 160/550, to CR 210 (Lake Nighthorse), to CR 141, to CR 125 (unpaved) to CO 140, to US 160 w, to CR 124 to Mayday, back to Hesperus, to CO 140 to CR 141 down Wildcat Canyon, to US 160 E.
REGROUPS: Top of Lake Nighthorse climb, top of CR 125 climb, Mayday, Hesperus Market.
Sprint: Welcome to Durango/FLC sign on US 160 – Stay on the shoulder!

The full ride is 45 miles long with 2,900′ of climbing.

MapMyRide Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/us/durango-co/dwc-santa-rita-park-lake-nighthorse-mayd-route-47827294

*IMPORTANT: All participants are reminded that we are riding on open roads and you must obey traffic laws at all times. Colorado Law states we are allowed to ride a MAXIMUM of 2 abreast and only when we are not impeding traffic. When in doubt please ride single file!