Bouré Bicycle Clothing End of the Season Sale!

DWC sponsor Bouré Bicycle Clothing is having an end of the season sale on tights, Brooks saddles, Jerseys, books and more! Check out the full list here:

10 November 2015

The End of Year Clearance Edition
Well, as the cycling season slows down (for many, but certainly not all of you!) and 2015 nears an end, we’re doing a little “Clearance Time” here at Boure HQ… Brooks Saddles & Accesories, Cycling Books & DVDs, plus some “late model” Cycling Jerseys in limited number and sizes. So, once you scroll below the ELITE Thermo Tights and Pants Sale, you’ll find some fun, worthy items at great prices for yourself… or if you are well organized and in the mood, you might find some early gifts for a cyclist or two in your life.
— Drew

ELITE Thermo Tights & Pants Sale
Reminder: Our Elite Thermo tights and pants are still on Sale, but only through November 15th!
Our ELITE Thermo Tights offer ample support for cold weather rides. A sure-fit, articulated design keep the tights securely in place all day long and provide unmatched fit and warmth. Made of ThermoRoubaix fleece for luxurious comfort and warmth, with compression support for long rides, and treated with Teflon-treated High-Tech Fabric Protector® to resist road and trail grime.

Men’s & Women’s
ELITE Thermo tights
9″ Ankle Zippers for easy donning and doffing.
Regularly $140, Now $125

Men’s & Women’s
ELITE Thermo bib cycling tights (w/chamois)
Bib top, chamois, and stirrup-foot for one-piece riding comfort.
Regularly $175, Now $155

Men’s & Women’s
ELITE Thermo bib tights
(w/o chamois)
One-piece riding comfort to wear over shorts.
Regularly $150, Now $135

“I just received my Elite Thermo Cycling Tights and couldn’t be happier. The construction and quality cannot be beat. This is perhaps the finest piece of cycling clothing I now have in my collection. Early Michigan springs will not keep me off the road now.”
Showers Pass clothing is technically engineered cycling gear for racers, commuters, messengers and everyday cycling enthusiasts. Inspired by the challenging rides and weather of northern California and the Pacific Northwest, they have been combining top-notch fabrics with innovative, functional design elements since 1997.

Men’s & Women’s
ELITE Refuge Rain pants
Fully Seam-taped, 3-Layer Waterproof/Breathable fabric.
Regularly $225, Now $180
Men’s ELITE Skyline pants
Waterproof/Breathable hardshell fabric at thigh and lower leg. Waterproof softshell fabric at knees for comfort.
Regularly $160, Now $130

4-Point Suspenders
Designed to keep the Showers Pass Skyline and Refuge Pants securely in place.
Regularly $25, Now $20

Cycling DVD & Book Clearance Sale
The following Cycling DVDs & Books are what’s left of the titles we enjoyed ourselves over the years. But as we said last month with regard to our favorite Brooks items, we are clearing these out to better focus on making our own clothing. So, get them while you can!
Cycling DVDs

Breaking Away
Academy Award winner cycles high on comedy as four friends come to terms with life after high school.
Was $30, Now $20

Stars & Watercarriers
This extraordinary film recreates the magic of the moment as Merckx wins the 1973 Giro d’Italia.
Was $40, Now $30

DVD about the birth and growth of mountain bikes.
Was $30, Now $20

Off Road to Athens
The tumultuous path taken by 8 cyclists hoping to make the 2004 US Olympic Team.
Was $30, Now $20

Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
Instructional DVD based on the bestselling book Zinn & the Art of MTB Maintenance.
Was $30, Now $20

Performance Mountain Biking
(VHS only)
Ned Overend’s intimate understanding and superb descriptions of essential mountain-biking technique.
Was $20, Now $10
Cycling Books

Bobke II
Revisits all of the original journals of Roll’s wild rides and crazy tales about cycling’s uncensored side.
Was $20, Now $15

Mountain Biking Durango
Featuring 39 detailed ride description of the best MTBing in the Durango area.
Was $15, Now $10

Distance Cycling
Advice to help inspire riders of all ability levels through practical advice for centuries, brevets, and more.
Was $25, Now $20

Zinn’s Cycling Primer: Maintenance Tips and Skill Building for Cyclists
Zinn’s Cycling Primer increases a cyclist’s knowledge of bike and body for faster and stronger riding.
Was $30, Now $20

Zinn & the Art of
Mountain Bike Maintenance
Zinn’s concise, well-organized, and best-illustrated reference guide to MTB maintenance and repair.
Was $30, Now $20

Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
The world’s most popular road bike repair manual will make a mechanic out of anyone.
Was $30, Now $20
Brooks Clearance Sale
We’ve carried Brooks Saddles & Accessories for years because we really loved them, wanted to share them with out fine customers, and enjoyed them ourselves. But actually keeping them in stock has not always been the most effective use of our energies, so now we are closing them out once and for all. So if interested, get them at these great prices while you can!

The supremacy of Brooks Saddles is due to their irreproachable quality in every detail. The leather is of the best obtainable and is thoroughly adapted to its purpose. The attention subsequently bestowed upon its manipulation, enables it not only to take, but retain the shapeliness and form so essential for comfort. This retention of shape, and eventual improvement after a few months use (the break-in time), is the crucial test of a leather saddle and is the chief characteristic of Brooks Saddles. And over time, the shape of a broken-in Brooks becomes truly your own.

B17 Standard

Was $100, Now $70

Challenge Tool Bag
Classic tool bag for attachment to the bag loops of your traditional Brooks saddle.
Was $100, Now $70
All Colors Available

D-Shaped Tool Bag
First produced in the early 1900’s, and the current model is a faithful rendition that will provide years of use.
Was $115, Now $80
Colors Brown, Green and Honey Available

Leather Bar Tape
The ultimate tactile upgrade for your road bike.
Was $70, Now $50
Only Color Green Available

Saddle Maintenence Kit
Keep your Brooks saddle in tip top shape.
Was $20, Now $15
End of Summer Jersey Sale
Sizes & Quantities Limited

2014 Men’s Bouré Team Thermo jersey
Was $100, Now $75
Most Sizes Still Available

2014 Women’s Bouré Thermo jersey
Was $100, Now $75
Sizes XS & Medium Available

Irish Embassy jersey
Was $85, Now $60
Sizes Medium, Large & XL Available

Desert Sun Roasters jersey
Was $90, Now $60
Most Sizes Still Available
Odd Lots Savings
Up to 50% Off the Items in our Bargain Basement!
Sizes & Quantities Very Limited

2014 Men’s Bouré Team jersey
Was $80, Now $45
Most Sizes Still Available

2014 Women’s Bouré Team jersey
Was $80, Now $45
Sizes Medium & Large Available

Men’s Club UPF-28 jersey
Was $100, Now $60
Sizes Small, Large & XL Available

Women’s Club UPF-28 jersey
Was $100, Now $60
Only Size XL Available

2014 Women’s Bouré UPF-28 jersey
Was $100, Now $60
Sizes Medium & XL Available

2014 Men’s Bouré UPF-28 jersey
Was $100, Now $60
Only Size Small Available

2013 Women’s Bouré Thermo jersey
Was $100, Now $55
Sizes Small & Large Available

2013 Women’s Bouré Team jersey
Was $80, Now $40
Sizes Medium & Large Available
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Drew & Ned