Take Action to Ban “Rolling Coal!”

The bill banning “rolling coal” has passed the house and now is up for a critical vote on Tuesday in the Senate Transportation Committee. We need to convince one Republican on the committee to vote our way.

If you know anyone in Senator Scott’s district #7 that includes GJ, Fruita and Montrose, please send them this alert!


Have you heard of “rolling coal”? It’s the practice of knowingly spewing exhaust all over someone while they’re biking, driving or walking. Colorado legislators have introduced a bill to make it easier for police to ticket drivers for rolling coal, and we ask for your help to support it.


Rolling coal is currently illegal, but police must first take an extra eight-hour course to be able to write a ticket for it. The result is that it is very difficult to enforce.

Reps. Ginal and Tyler introduced a Colorado bill that would make this crime easier to enforce and convictions would carry two points against a driver’s license and a fine.

The bill passed the House and has moved on to the Senate Transportation Committee, where it will face an uphill battle. Your senator is on the Senate Transportation Committee and your voice can make a difference. Please take action by emailing your senator today!