DWC Champs #5: Gravel Grinder Road Race 7/30/2016 @ 9AM

What you need to know to participate in this event:

The Gravel Grinder Road Race is part of the DWC Champs Series. If you don’t know what that means read this post: https://durangowheelclub.com/2016/04/15/2016-dwc-champs-schedule/

This event is for current members in good standing. 2016 Members: https://durangowheelclub.com/2016/02/22/2016-dwc-members/

We are calling this a ‘race’ because it is a mass-start event. But, we are doing this on open roads and you are responsible for riding responsibly. There will be no support, no water on the course, you are responsible for knowing the route ahead of time, you are responsible for having extra tubes, a pump and whatever else you need to repair your bike.

Follow vehicles: Bottle hand-ups from fixed locations the roadside are OK. But, please, no vehicles leapfrogging the group. Support vehicles are discouraged. However, you may use a support/follow vehicle, subject to a few conditions.

First, the support vehicle must be made available to ALL participants for carrying spare wheels, tubes, tires, bikes or picking up any rider who has abandoned for any reason. Second, the support vehicle must remain behind ALL riders for the duration of the race. Third, let us know in advance if you intend to use a support vehicle. (That’s a condition!) Any support vehicle needs a cell phone. A finishing rider who takes advantage of support outside of these guidelines will be relegated to last place.

All but one small section of this course is on dirt. Some of the roads are in rough condition. There are steep, loose sections that require good bike handling skills!

To Register send me or Ken an email today. You may just show up, but please arrive by 8:30 so that you don’t delay the start.

Meet at the BIG electrical substation off of CR 136 by 8:45.

Start time is 9 AM.

Directions to start: Wildcat Canyon Road (CR 141 ) to  MM 8, left on CR 136, south about 3/4 mile to electric substation.

The course is 31.5 miles long with 1,800′ of climbing.

Detailed info including Strava and Google maps can be found here: https://durangowheelclub.com/2016/06/29/dwc-championships-info-gravel-grinders-july-7-and-july-30/