DWC Championships – Event #7 North Valley Road Race Details

UPDATE: The NEW FINISH will be at the same place as the intermediate sprint. Located on CR250 about .5 miles past Bakers Bridge, 200 meters after the right-hand turn at the north end of the first straightaway, just past the 40MPH sign.


We need 3 volunteers to help out with the DWC Champs RR on Saturday. We will meet at 8:45 and be finished when the race is over (12:30?) We need one volunteer who can shoot video of the sprint (smartphone video will work). Please send me an email if you can help out! -Spencer

DWCC North Valley Road Race Saturday August 27, 2016 Event # 7 of the 2016 Championships series, open to all current members of the Durango Wheel Club. Click here for DWC Champs info.

This is a road race worth 7 “base” points toward overall results, with a mid-race sprint for additional bonus points.
The sprint will be 3 places worth 2-2-2 for men; 1 place/1 point for women

Safety is our #1 concern. Please read everything in this post. If you have questions contact Spencer.

Meet: 8:45 at Trimble Crossing
Start: 9 am

Here’s an updated map

A variation of the same North Valley loop we have used in the past.
Flattened this year- no finishing climb!
Clockwise 3.5 laps, 45.5 Miles, Rolling terrain, about 1000 feet of climbing per lap
Start @ Trimble Crossing.  Meet at  SW corner of lot

Intermediate Sprint and Finish are the same! 

Sprint on second lap (~19.6 miles) just past (S) 40mph sign 200m south of right hand bend, about .5 mi past Baker’s Bridge

Finish is at the sprint point.

Safety is the #1 concern.
These are OPEN roads –
Centerline rule will be strictly enforced, violations will result in relegation. We may have marshals watching for violations.
All participants are asked to both AVOID violations and to REPORT them.
Did we mention that safety is the #1 concern?

(We changed the finish for safety reasons – a notable hole in the pavement and the unavailability of the spelunking team of La Plata Search and Rescue)

Ample parking is available at the start (SW Corner of Trimble Crossing lot).

Drop boxes will be provided for transport to finish of personal items/gear/clothing.

Personal support vehicles are discouraged, riders should be self-supported
Bottle handups from fixed locations along the roadside are OK.
But, please, no vehicles leapfrogging the group.
Let us know if you would be willing to provide a “follow” vehicle, which will remain behind ALL riders for the duration of the race.
Any support vehicle should plan on having an accessible means of communication. A cell phone will work.