4 common myths about FLC Cycling

Although FLC Cycling has had great success since its inception in 1994 – winning its first national championship in 1995 and growing into the collegiate cycling powerhouse it is today — there are still some myths that surround the program:

Myth #1 – FLC Cycling is a fully funded sport.
While the Cycling team does get financial support from the College, we are just like any other small state school athletic program in that 10–20% of our annual budget needs to be raised on our own.

Myth #2 – FLC cyclists receive full athletic scholarships.
We do have a scholarship fund, but it is not institutionally funded. The Cycling program is responsible for supporting these scholarships through fundraising events and campaigns. At FLC the average Cycling scholarship award is $500 per term, and presently we can afford only one full athletic scholarship.

Myth #3 – FLC Cycling is an exclusive varsity team.
At FLC, Cycling is run as a unique “varsity club.” That means our riders have coaching and support like a varsity sport, but the team is still open to any full-time student with a hunger to ride. We welcome and value both athletes who want to compete at the highest levels and riders who are in it for the community and healthy lifestyle cycling offers.

Myth #4 – FLC Cycling can carry on without you.
It’s supporters like you who keep FLC Cycling the welcoming and championship-caliber team it has been for two decades! That’s what your gift supports: A close-knit and fun-loving group of athletes pushing each other to be both better athletes and better people.

We thank you for your support. Ride on!

Dave Hagen, Humanities, ‘91
FLC Cycling Administrator
[email protected]