7/13/17 – Love your Commute PARTY at Ska! 5-7 PM

The Love Your Commute Celebration and Awards is rescheduled for Thursday, July 13 at Ska Brewing Company, 5 to 7 p.m. The Awards ceremony is at 6 pm. This event is the culmination of Clean Commute Week festivities. The Celebration will have free food sponsored by StoneAge Tools and Zia Taqueria and free drinks sponsored by Ska Brewing Company. Participants and the community are invited to pick up their prizes and awards at the celebration.

Together, the Challenge participants who submitted logs reported a collective total of 10,685 clean commute trips the week of June 21-28. The winners are named based on a combination of trip points and participation. The participation percent is taken from an average of daily participation divided by total employees; the point percent is taken from the highest number of points in each category. This year, Challenge organizations who participated in the Pedal vs. Metal Challenge received 5 bonus points. The average of both percentages wins.

In the TINY CATEGORY, which is 1 to 10 employees, there were 14 competing organizations. The winners of the tiny category welcomed the opportunity to promote clean commuting at their workplace and their dedicated team leader Lesley Forrest participated in every Clean Commute Week event! Congratulations to Abadie Schill PC.

There were 9 businesses in the SMALL CATEGORY, with 11 to 50 employees. Competition was fierce in this category, but the winners rolled ahead with 781 logged clean commute trips. Please congratulate Russell Planning and Engineering, the 2017 small category winners.

Next up is the MEDIUM CATEGORY, with 51 to 100 employees. This year there was 1 business in this category. The 2017 winner easily won, but we want to thank them for continuing the momentum with their high participation, Congratulations to Ska Brewing Co.

Last but certainly not least is the LARGE CATEGORY, organizations with over 100 employees. By a 4% margin, the Business Commuter Challenge winners of the 2017 large category are the commuting legends: StoneAge, Inc. They had an outstanding 97% participation average and logged 1,490 trips. In a close second were the City of Durango, with a whopping 2,854 logged clean commute trips.

This year, the City asked Business Commuter Challenge team leaders to nominate a Commuter of the Year from their organizations. The Commuter of the Year will be drawn from a random drawing at the Love Your Commute Celebration on Thursday, July 13th. All trophies, awards and prizes will be given at the Love Your Commute Celebration.

For more information, please visit getarounddurango.com or call 970-375-4955.