Saturday A/B ‘Winter’ Ride — 11 AM — Santa Rita Park

Meeting Place: Santa Rita Park
Meeting Time: Saturday at 11 am
Suggested Route: La Posta with Hills and Lake Nightorse
Length: 2-4 hours, depending on route
Pace: This is a training ride, not Fight Club!**
Who: ALL are welcome**
National Weather Service for Durango, Coal Bank Pass, Silverton:

**There is a core group of very experienced cyclists that go to this ride. The ride is a fast-paced training ride with appropriate regroups, not a race. If you’ve been wondering about doing this ride, now is a great time to try it out!

The ride is canceled if there is snow or ice on the road!

**IMPORTANT: Colorado law states that you can ride a maximum of two abreast if not impeding the flow of traffic, and you gotta obey all traffic laws at all times. All participants are reminded that riding a bike on open roads is really dangerous, and you might get hit or run over by some idiot. Our top priority is for everyone to get home safe and sound. If you are new to the group please introduce yourself to others. And the Saturday group ride is not a race, really, so don’t treat it like a race.