DWC Masters Triumph at New Mexico Senior Olympics!

DWC Masters at New Mexico Senior Olympics

Martha Iverson, Walt Axthelm, Phil Shew, and Richard ‘Bags; Bagienski attended the New Mexico Senior Olympics cycling races held July 21st and 22nd in Albuquerque. The event included 5K TT, 10K TT, 20K and 40K road races. The NMSO is a qualifier for the 2019 National Senior Games to be held in Albuquerque.

Walt previously qualified for nationals in Arizona. He raced at the NMSO to familiarize himself with next years Nationals TT course. He was 1st in all four races, M 85-89. Phil Shew, DWC from Albuquerque, won both M75-79 time trials. And was third in the 40K road race.

Martha won the 5K and 10K TT in the W 65-69. Bags won the M 70-74 5K TT. In the 10K TT, he emulated Pedro Delgado’s 1989 Tour de France TT by missing his start time but still finished the race. Martha and Rich did not do the road races because they were previously qualified.

All four DWC Masters qualified in all events for the 2019 National Senior Games, time trials in Albuquerque and road races in Santa Fe. Top four in either TT qualifies for both TT’s. Likewise, top four in either road race qualifies for both road races.