Bonus Friday Gravel Ride! August 10, 9 am — La Strada La Plata Short Route

This Friday, August 10, Rick Seaborn will be leading a gravel ride departing bread at 9 am using the La Plata La Strada short route. Tempo pace to be back by noon, not a hammer-fest, more like a real ‘B’ ride. There is the possibility of rain in the forecast, so a rain jacket might be a good idea. The route is on gravel roads so be sure to bring whatever you need to fix your own flat. Read on for details and links to maps!

Meet: bread @ 9 am
Who: All are Welcome!**
Ride Leader: Rick Seaborn
Pace: Tempo – B ride
Route: Bread to Edgemont, 234, 225, 228, 229, 230, 223, 225, 228, 502, 245, 240 (Florida), Edgemont, down the hill back to Bread.
Map My Ride Map:
Approximate Length: 40 miles with 3,200’ of climbing

NOTE: This is an unsupported ride on rough roads. Bring an extra tube and the tools you need to change your tire and enough food and water for a 3-hour ride. A gravel specific or ‘cross bike with gravel/cross tires would be ideal. However, a road bike with road tires will work too. We’ve been riding dirt roads in Durango decades before the gravel-bike craze on road bikes. Try it. It’s fun!

**IMPORTANT: Our TOP priority is for everyone to get home safe and sound. If you are new to the group, please introduce yourself to others. Colorado law states that you can ride a maximum of two abreast if not impeding the flow of traffic, and you must obey all traffic laws at all times. All participants are reminded that riding a bike on open roads is inherently dangerous, and you are doing so at your own risk!