DWC Saturday Winter Group Ride

DWC Saturday Winter Group Ride

Meeting Time: 11 am
Meeting Place: Durango Community Recreation Center
Who: All are Welcome!*

Pace: Two groups – One Fast one Not as Fast!
Route: Start at Rec. Center, North on US 550 to 32nd street, to Holly, to Florida, to North College, Rim Drive REGROUP at top of climb, 8th Street, US 160/550 to frontage road, to La Posta, climb to Air Park REGROUP, La Posta across Weaselskin Bridge, CR 214 climb REGROUP, back to La Posta to south end, REGROUP, Back to top of Air Park, to La Posta, north to frontage road, to Lake Nighthorse/Wildcat Canyon Loop. Return to Rec. Center via Roosa, West 3rd Ave, 27th street.

NOTE: This route can be made shorter and flatter by skipping the hills off of La Posta and by skipping the Nighthorse Loop at the end.

REGROUPS: PLEASE regroup at top of EACH CLIMB and REGROUP at end of La Posta. REGROUP MEANS STOP! This ride has worked in the past because it has allowed slower riders to get back into the group if they get popped on a hill. We want this ride (and this club) to be inclusive!

MapMyRide Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/376607409

National Weather Service for Durango: http://tiny.cc/5ora9x

**IMPORTANT: Our TOP priority is for everyone to get home safe and sound. If you are new to the group, please introduce yourself to others. Colorado law states that you can ride a maximum of two abreast if not impeding the flow of traffic, and you must obey all traffic laws at all times. All participants are reminded that riding a bike on open roads is inherently dangerous, and you are doing so at your own risk!