New DWC Director

Hello Wheel Club Members!

Most of you know me already, but I’d like to formally introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ava Hachmann, and I will be taking over the position of Director of the Durango Wheel Club, replacing long-time director extraordinaire Spencer Compton. I am a born and raised Durangoan and currently race a full season of road, representing both Fort Lewis College and a domestic elite team, while also pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology.

I grew up riding with the club and feel as though now is a good time for me to play a part in its future development and growth. I appreciate any and all help the club and its members have given me over the years and would like to pay it forward. Through my years of racing and travelling I have been introduced to various club members and directors around the country, giving me an insight into what is successful and what isn’t. I hope to use my position as director to create a more cohesive cycling community in Durango, and to bring more new members to the club, allowing for more opportunities and improvements. I will be working with a board to determine the best ways the DWC can serve its members, new and old.

Your opinions are important, and I look forward to getting to know you all and working together to make the club the best it can be. Don’t hesitate to reach out with concerns, questions, and ideas that you have.

See you out on the road,

Ava Hachmann

Durango Wheel Club Members,

I am happy and excited to announce that Ava Hachmann is our new Director of the Durango Wheel Club!

Ava has years of experience with other clubs, has an in-depth knowledge of bicycle racing and training, and is social media savvy on a level many of us can’t begin to comprehend. For more about Ava, please read the attached letter.

During the transition, I will remain treasurer and advocacy representative and will help with clothing, merchandise and anything else she needs while she settles in.

Ava and I will be at the DWC monthly social at Carver’s, tomorrow evening from 6-8 PM. Please come by and say hi!

Spencer Compton